Nod'n'aWink Social Synergy Network

Terms of Service

  Nod 'a' Wink aims to be a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, so everyone is invited to agree with a few community rules and understand that the accounts and Social posts of offenders may be deleted.

Please observe the following:

  • Keep it legal and decent
    • Posting of illegal, obscene, indecent or harmful content is absolutely forbidden.
    • Anything considered unacceptable by the Nod 'a' Wink community may be deleted or relocated to private zones. The accounts of repeat offenders may be closed.
    • Examples are excessive cursing and swearing, fake-news and promotion of destructive conspiracy theories, pornographic material, misleading, malicious or discriminatory posts, anything which harasses, bullys, intimidates or harms another person or entity, and content that is hateful or threatening or which celebrates or incites violence.
  • Copyright
    While most content posted on the internet may copied and shared, it is not permitted to post copyright-protected content that does not belong to you unless can provide documented permission to reproduce it.

Please be aware:

  • Disappearing content
    To conserve webserver resources, Nod 'a' Wink social posts and uncollected messages may be deleted after 180 days.
  • Content ownership
    • Assuming that your posts do not contain material that belongs to someone else, your content belongs to you - Nod 'a' Wink makes no claim to it.
    • The content of your posts may be shared by anyone who sees it.
  • Passwords
    • While Nod 'a' Wink does everything in its power to safeguard all data on the webserver, it is your responsibility to make a strong password and keep it secret.
  • Disclaimer
    While Nod 'a' Wink does everything in its power to provide all services as advertised, due to the unpredictable nature of the internet we cannot be held responsible for service outages.
  • Implied agreement
    By using any of the services Nod 'a' Wink provides, whether free or paid, you confirm your agreement with the Terms of Service laid out in this document.
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