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Support is available in everyone's Contacts list - message or video-call us anytime, or email
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Nod'n'aWink Social network helps build synergic relationships between people whose interests and values converge. Following and contacting others, commenting, liking and sharing are all examples of giving a nod and a wink wherever synergy seems possible.
There are three ways in which members can moderate what they see, available via the menu on every post and comment:
  • Block user
    Use the Block function to hide posts by someone whose content you don't like and prevent them from seeing your posts. This protects your interests while allowing others freedom of expression. (Un-do blocking in Settings).
  • Report post
    Use the Report function to send a message to Support, explaining why you find the post objectionable. Nod 'a' Wink admin thanks you and will take the appropriate action.
  • Delete comment
    Post-owners can use the Delete this comment function to remove any comment on their posts.
Use #hashtags to create connection opportunities: Create a hashtag by using # at the start of a word in Social posts. Others are then able to find your posts by searching hashtags and following the same ones you use.
Use Bookmarks to quickly return to posts you want to follow, so you don't have to search for them in the streams. Bookmarks are listed using the author's name and the post's original date.
Videos from Youtube and Vimeo can be embedded in your posts and comments. Copy the video URL and paste it into the post editor just like any other link.
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Nod'n'aWink messages are encrypted and stored only on the device (computer, tablet, smart-phone) which sends them and on the device that receives them, and users can delete them at any time.
The messenger supports text, photos and video calls plus file-transfer and one-time Google-map location pin-pointing without tracking.
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Video Calls

Nod'n'aWink video calls establish completely private and secure peer-to-peer connections directly between the users' browsers, supporting groups of up to six.
Screen-sharing is also supported, and other features include video-recording, video-playback in "Auto Answer", sanpshots and choice of connected webcams and microphones.
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Profile Settings

The Profile Settings page contains settings for password, email, privacy and notifications.
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The Contacts page contains a list of your Nod'n'aWink contacts and functions for sending and accepting contact requests, removing contacts and visiting your contacts' Social pages.
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The People page contains a list of all Nod'n'aWink members whose privacy settings allow. There are also functions for sending and accepting contact requests, removing contacts and visiting people's Social pages.
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